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Like in the previous years, everything is getting ready for the geoday 2014. The geoday is an activity promoted by the Spanish Geological Society with the Spanish Geological Survey and the Asociación Española de para la enseñanaza de las Ciencias de la Tierra and its main goal is the organization of trips in where everybody is invited. The purpose of this trips is showing the value of the geology and bringing close the daily work of geologists and geological engineers.


In 2014 this activity is going take place the second weekend of May. In Segovia, after visit several of the most important geosites of the area: valley of the Duraton river, Tejadilla… is going to take place in San Lorenzo area with a trip along the valley of the Eresma river.

Under the title of “Geoday 14: geology for the society” a lot of cities will joint to this popular activity that every year meets several hundreds of people. Segovia, after the successful organization of the previous geodays is the second city in number of participants, the first one is Alicante where for sure, thousand of people will repeat the experience. In Castilla y León all the cities have their own geoday from the mountains of Leon to the forest of Salamanca.

 As in other occasions, the geoday is an open activity independently of their geological knowledge, it´s a playful activity in which a pleasant walk will be accompanied by geological explications of the area that will help to the audience to understand the landscape. Everybody is invited so don´t miss the geoday 2014 that in Segovia is going to be celebrate the Saturday 10th of May.

+information about the geoday 2014 (only into Spanish)